Tricks to Lose Weight 3 kg Within 5 days With Celery

Everyone, especially women would want to have a slim body shape and ideal, but because of various factors occurring in our body to make weight becomes excessive and automatically affect the appearance. Most women do not feel confident with body fat or fat because that appears in various ways to lose weight or diet in order to get a slim body within which it was virtually impossible.

If the want to get maximum results, a weight loss program should be done routinely and regularly according to the rules of a diet program that you live. To reduce fat in the body is there are a variety of ways, ranging from taking certain drugs, regular exercise, a diet program or by consuming a well-known natural ingredients.In this article, the admin will share tips on how to lose weight effectively with natural juice recipes.
In this program, we only need three ingredients that is only water, fruit juice, and celery, although the materials used are very simple but the juice is proven to burn excess calories, reducing excess fluid, and can eliminate toxins in the body. Celery in it contains such remarkable anti-oxidant substances were plentiful, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and vitamin C, E and K.
Here's how to lose weight with natural juice recipe:
  • First you prepare a glass of water, a piece of fresh lemon, and one bunch of celery.
  • First of all the sliced ​​celery until soft
  • Furthermore, squeeze the lemon and pour water into a glass of water
  • The last stage, which has been mashed celery enter earlier into the lemon water glass
  • Then stir for a while so all the ingredients are well blended therein.
Here's a video on how to make celery juice. 

To get the maximum results then eat natural juice was routinely and regularly which is 2 times a day during morning and evening, matched also by doing exercise, and eat healthy, as good as any diet program that we run if we eat unhealthy foods, high in fat and calories then our diet efforts will be in vain.Maybe these tips can be practiced so that a weight loss program you can run well. If normally, your diet program with drugs, not wrong to try the diet naturally this time, may be useful for all readers.


5 Effective Ways to Lose Weight With Walk

If you do not like running, then you can choose to walk as another way to help you lose weight. Walking is a sport that you can do anytime and anywhere. However, make sure you also consume a healthy diet to achieve your goals. Listed below are some ways to lose weight through walking.

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Interspersed Running Rest

When walking, take a moment to do 15 push ups, jump squats 40 times, and 40 times the jumping jacks. Thus, you can burn more calories. This is the most effective way to lose weight by walking.

Fast walking

What is your road speed is very important for weight loss other than how far you walk. To burn more calories at a time, try to run faster. Take this road sport for 45-60 minutes for 5-6 days each week.

Walking Relaxing

If you want to make your body and mind relax and stay healthy, then exercise path is the right choice. Walking can help burn calories, make you feel better and think more clearly. In addition, walking can also help you fight stress and improve your mood.

Walking away

If you want to lose weight you walk, then you have to walk quite a distance, at least 2 times a week. Increase your distance slowly every day to train your stamina.

Walking Uphill

Although it might seem difficult at first, walking uphill can really help you when you're trying to lose weight. Do it on a regular basis can make you more familiar.

To be aware of everything, if you want to succeed must be consistent in doing these steps to lose weight. Good luck and keep the spirit. The following video which you can watch if you want more to know how to lose weight by walking.

5 Tips for Choosing Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss

Aerobic exercises are known to be effective for weight loss. Helpful addition to weight loss, aerobic exercise is also known to be able to maintain a healthy heart and lungs. There are many types of aerobic exercises that can be selected as walking, jogging, dancing, cycling, swimming, or step-up exercises. With so many alternatives available, you have to be clever to choose the type of exercise that is effective for weight loss.
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Here is how to choose aerobic exercise to lose weight:

1. Choose aerobic exercises that train different body parts

Aerobic exercise is best for burning fat that involves the movement of various body parts. Examples of these types of aerobic exercise include various types of sports such as football, basketball, or tennis. Various parts of the body that also moves such as legs, arms, abdomen, neck, hips, etc. It will make the process more optimal fat burning takes place.

2. Adjust the level of fitness

If you are a beginner, choose a low-intensity aerobic exercise would be ideal. If the fitness level reaches the average level, you can choose a more intense exercise such as swimming or jumping rope (skipping). When fitness levels have reached the top, you can do exercises with high intensity like running (jogging) and boxing.

3. Cross-training

'Cross-training' is believed by many fitness experts were able to increase the effectiveness of aerobic exercise. Cross-training is a method of doing aerobic exercise, alternating between low-intensity workout with high intensity exercises. High-intensity aerobic exercise is meant to burn more calories while low-intensity exercise is intended to minimize injuries due to muscle fatigue.

4. Perform aerobic exercise on an empty stomach or after doing weight training

Research shows that aerobic exercise is done on an empty stomach in the morning, after drinking a glass or two glasses of water will help burn body fat around 300% more than any other time. The reason for this is when a person wakes up, glycogen reserves are at their lowest level so the body is in a fat burning stage. For comparison, at other times (apart after waking up), it takes exercise for 20 to 30 minutes before the body reached the stage of burning fat. Based on the same logic, another good time doing aerobic exercise for weight loss is immediately after a session of weight training. At that time, the body's glycogen reserves are already depleted due to weight training done before.

5. The duration of exercise

Aerobic exercise to lose weight should be done for at least 45 minutes three or four times a week. But in the beginning, start a training session for 20 minutes and gradually increase until it reaches 45 minutes. Always start with a warm up aerobics session before going into the main exercise. When the end of the session, end practice with cooling to avoid injury. Complete your exercise routine with a balanced diet and avoid overeating, fatty foods, oily foods, and processed foods. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and in between sessions of aerobic exercise to keep your body hydrated.

Follow this aerobics video to lost your weight

Effective Sports to Lose Weight And Safety

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Probably a very good chance this could explain the material that is the effective way to lose weight without having to go to the gym, which certainly spend money not less. 

What we need is not of expensive cheapness, but of the sport as effective. Precisely my opinion, the most effective is a sport very much at home because it saves time. Just imagine how much time spent traveling, and more.

A lot of people who want a healthy body, but unfortunately most of the people taking the expensive way. Who can forbid?

Today with the release of many products - new products in the form of a healthy diet to diet and accompanied by the appearance of the place - the fitness and gym makes many people think found a great way to get the ideal body shape.

Many people are already thinking to invest as a member of a gym, as well as buying exercise equipment that can be used at home.

Selection - this option is expensive, and if you do not understand very well how to use it, then you risk losing a lot of your money. Therefore, you should first check the pros and cons of the use of such selection is to minimize the possibility of making the wrong decision.

However, while you are thinking about it, then there are alternatives that you can do at home and certainly without the expensive cost. Exercise - exercise of this kind will save most of your money, at least not before you invest to become a member of a gym or buy fitness equipment.

What Luckily Exercising at Home?

The important thing you need to know when exercising at home is that you do not need any special equipment and a large room. Even if you are busy though, exercise at home will not take you plus you will be able to obtain the target exercise you want and not much different from when you go to the fitness.

Keep in mind that often the time of exercise is more important than the length of time exercising. If you are interested to try the sport at home, Invest little to buy equipment that is cost-effective.

Below is the equipment - equipment that you can invest and the price is relatively cheap:
1. Yoga mat
If the area you are the person who sells carpets, buy one of these products because it will be very helpful. If your home floor is made of wood, it is advisable to use a mat up to 3 layers, to protect the floor from the sport you later.
2. Ball Exercises
This includes low ball, and is not only good but also can be used for relaxation when the exercise is completed.
Matras does not seem useful, but it is widely used for strength training.
4. Grip To Push Up
Some people do not buy it because they usually use two dumbbells that can be used as a handle when push up.

One of the fantastic sport and improve coordination and cardiovascular activity helps your heart pumping before exercise is jumping rope.

In choosing the sport is required accuracy so that your time will not be wasted. For example, do lift weights while sitting is not one right solution because you are not going to form a body like that and it is tantamount to discard - waste of time.

But keep in mind, that you need to warm up before exercise so that your heart is ready and stable. Do not forget to include exercises that will increase flexibility in your exercise every day.

Below are 3 good benefits, and make sure all three of these benefits get into your sport:

  • flexibility
  • Power
  • cardiovascular

Well, when you understand the purpose of the actual exercise without going to the gym any time you can gain maximum benefit from the exercise.